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The Vampiress

Into the grave, We waltz from the light

The Girl & The Actors

Hola, stories are my world. Whether it’s a true story about miracles or an alternative reality inside my head its worth telling. My vision is colored by many authors and artists, including Tim Burton and Kresley Cole. I love to read romance books on rainy days. I write but never seem to finish anything. I buy books I've already read for the pure sake of owning them.

Name: Shelby
Age: 20
Music: Rock & Instrumental
Genre: Romance & Fantasy
Hobbies: Reading, Art, Writing, & Sewing

Ville Valo "Barely Breathing" -Current-
Gerard Way "This Old Hotel" -Current-
William Beckett "Upside Down and Inside Out" -Haitus-
Brendon Urie "Disinterest In What The Critics Say" -Finished

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